Haydn String Quartet
Frequently Asked Questions Do you play outside as well as inside?
Yes we certainly do. When playing outside, we need cover from rain and shade from the sun. What do you wear when you perform?
We usually wear black, but if you have a preference we can dress more casually, or in different colours. How much space do you need?
About 2.5 x 2.5 metres of well-lit space for a string quartet. What else do you require?
Just one chair without arms per player. How many players will I need?
It depends on the number of guests and your venue, whether you want us to play inside or out. Ask us for an opinion. Do you charge for travel cost or time?
Not within central Wellington and suburbs. When we travel outside this area there is a charge for travel expenses. Why the name 'Haydn'?
Franz Joseph Haydn is called the 'Father of the String Quartet' because he was the first composer of many to write for the string quartet arrangement of two violins, viola and cello. How do you ‘time’ the music so that it fits in with the wedding ceremony? We arrive early and speak to your wedding celebrant or minister about the format of the service/ceremony. They cue us to start and finish playing, when you arrive and for the signing of the register. We have plenty of experience timing our pieces so that they fit in with the ceremony. Do you need to attend the wedding rehearsal?
We don’t need to come to a wedding rehearsal. We're accustomed to responding to situations as they unfold and we want to remain affordable. Do you require a deposit to confirm our booking?
No deposit is required, but we would appreciate payment prior to the event.
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